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How to get more mileage in your electric cars

Tesla Car

Depending on the main factors like the battery size, the weight and size of your vehicle, and the motor capability, the range of your electric car varies a lot. But also your practical driving style allows you to get the maximum range whenever you hit on the road. For now, let’s go over some of the various ways to maximize your electric vehicle range before you need to plug in again.

Accelerate smoothly

An aggressive acceleration leads to the dropping economy of any car. The overall range drop is especially noticeable to an electric car. Using the accelerator to smoothly reach your driving speed is a key to increase your electric vehicle range. Try to use the “Eco” mode for automatic modifications to your driving speed.

Slow down

Depending on the speed you drive, you may recognize more or fewer miles in reserve at your arrival. The brisk speed of your driving is the prominent factor for losing range. While you increase the speed, wind resistance multiplies, and drains energy from the battery and cut your range. Try to avoid driving speeds above 60 miles per hour.

Intelligent braking

EVs come with regenerative braking, in which the electric motor is used to slow a vehicle down while recharging its battery in the process. Besides, they also come with traditional braking systems using standard brake pad to slow down where the energy is wasted as heat with the friction involved that could be recycled by the battery. Under heavy braking, electric cars also use the traditional brakes, while using the regenerative braking for the best efficiency. In order to recover as much energy as possible, you should avoid pressing the brake pad too often, too hard on the brake pedal, and rather rely on the regeneration as much as you can.

Heated seats & cabin climate

Chances are, you’ve plugged your EV into your home charger overnight, so it’s topped up and ready to go in the morning.

Remember, though, as soon as you unplug your car, any power used will be taken from the battery – particularly on cold or hot days where you need to warm or cool the cabin before setting off. With that in mind, try setting the climate control going before unplugging your vehicle – EVolt Car Control feature will be launching soon that way, the energy used in cooling or heating your vehicle will be drawn from the main power supply, rather than from the battery, giving you maximum range once you do unplug.