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Own a recharge point to become our business partner


In the EV charging business, there are opportunities to create customer value directly and indirectly around the growth of the EV charging market, new EV technologies and new demand for residential and commercial EV charging- Join the EVolt Charging Network. The EVolt Network is expanding in Jakarta. Be a leader in your sector by offering your customers the option to recharge their electric vehicles. EV infrastructure owners must focus on OPEX to minimize costs and make EV charging business profitable.

Advantages of being an EVolt partner

By becoming an EVolt Network station owner, you are taking part in the transformation of the way vehicles in your country fill up with a cleaner fuel source. By offering electric vehicle charging at your business, municipality or institution, you are helping to reduce carbon footprint, while attracting new customers, visitors and clientele. You’ll also benefit from increased visibility with EVolt Network marketing activities. But above all else, you will attract customers who want to take advantage of the many benefits of the EVolt Network: Access to a dashboard reserved for EVolt Network station owners, where you can view usage statistics for your stations; To become an EVolt Network partner, you must purchase and install one or more public charging stations with us and start getting business revenue. Contact us:email