How EV Charging Software Makes a Difference to Your Network?

Electric vehicles have a clear path to mass adoption. As major car manufacturers like Ford, GM, and Volkswagen pledge to electrify their fleets the conversation has changed from “if” electric transportation will be ubiquitous to “when”.

The technological advances in electric vehicles and increasing awareness regarding the importance of reduction of carbon emissions are major driving factors behind the adoption of electric vehicles and the expansion of global charging infrastructure. Governments around the world are increasingly developing and adopting policies to accelerate the growth of the electric vehicle market and consequently the charging infrastructure needed to support it.

About 2.2 million new plug-in electric vehicles were sold in 2019. Even though car sales fell drastically during the COVID 19 pandemic, plug-in EV sales in the US grew 4% from the year prior. But, as EV sales continue to increase the public charging infrastructure hasn’t been able to keep up. A large percentage of EV drivers use private charging due to the high cost of EVs and parking, and the lack of public infrastructure. See the chart below. How EV Charging Software Makes a Difference to Your Network!

The big question now is how do we speed up the adoption timeline? The answer - create more demand for electric vehicles by making the process for owning and operating one as frictionless as possible.

While EV manufacturers continue to make progress in developing cars with greater range, more power, and superior styling, the industry still needs to overcome several challenges to accelerate growth and sustainably scale EVs. The major pain point in scaling EV adoption is scaling charging infrastructure with it.

We believe that software is the key to helping businesses provide charging infrastructure simply and profitably, ultimately creating a better experience for drivers. Some of the Evolt features that facilitate this are:

Charging Network Backend:

Manage your city-wide installations from one central location Comply with Utility Reporting requirements Easily view and analyze your network’s data


Pre-Configure your 4G Network for immediate coverage at charge sites Customize solutions for difficult locations like parking garages and areas with low cell reception

White-labeled Driver Application:

Give drivers the ability to search for available charging locations or visit your custom branded URL Provide your customers with QR codes they can scan to pay for charging sessions via mobile phone including support for Google Pay, Apple Pay, all major credit cards, and mobile wallets


Settle payments weekly to your bank account Have a window to keep track of all the payments on your network To make the entire process easier, Evolt can also provide you the hardware through our partnerships with major charging manufacturers.

Pre-configured hardware:

Get your hardware shipped pre-configured with data SIM and Evolt software, ready to install as soon as it arrives As the industry expands it’s important that the charging infrastructure is built by companies that can maintain profitability and ultimately their network. The Evolt charging solution sets you up for success by making the process of acquiring the materials needed for the network as easy as possible. This will let you install your chargers faster and keep your customers and drivers happy with an efficient and effective experience. Providing that kind of high-quality service should increase customer retention and expand your business through word of mouth, all under your own brand. You can find all the above-mentioned features of EV Charging Management on the Evolt website and sign up for free.